Every time I click over to Tiny Prints for a little virtual window shopping for Holiday Cards, I’ve found myself drawn to the same kinds of designs–they’ve got a slight Asian flair, and incorporate more unusual motifs than holly, like birds and delicate flowers.

Well duh. It turns out they’re all a part of the Paper by Tea Collection line of cards. Tea Collection as in Tea Collection? One of our favorite lines of children’s clothing? Who even knew that they made the leap from cotton to paper?

I absolutely adore the white bordered Blossoming Season style (shown) and the crysanthemum-dappled Seasonal Flourish. Or if you’re the type who prefers to slide a last minute snapshot inside the card, the Quilted Greetings design is just beautiful, featuring a cool ribbon motif on top.

Now all I need are a couple of fancy new outfit for my girls for their holiday pictures. Hm. I wonder who might make one that I’d like… –Liz 

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Congratulations to lucky winner Gennifer C!


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