Team Cool Mom Picks has always been a bit rah rah about books as gifts. Besides the obvious benefits, they’re not quickly outgrown and they’re pretty much guaranteed not to be on any recall lists any time soon. (Unless you’re one of those weirdos trying to ban Harry Potter.)

On the other hand, there aren’t too many books made from recycled paper just yet. So when we heard about the very innovative effort from Eco-Libris, we were intrigued.

The way it works is you figure out how many books you want to "balance out". Say, all the ones you’re giving for the holidays. For each one, you send a buck to Eco-Libris and in return, one of their non-profit partners plants a tree in Central America or Africa. So basically you’re giving back to the rainforests in return for their generosity.

You even get a sticker for each book so you can say, "look what a cool environmental crusader I am!" On recycled paper, of course. –Liz


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