If you rummaged through my son’s drawers you’d find absolutely no sports themed wear. I’m just not a fan of overpriced licensed jerseys that help fund overpaid athletes.

But I am loving Milkshaxs, a Vancouver clothing company that caters to the sports fanatics of the extreme kind. Their soft and versatile baby onesies, outfits, and shirts are screen printed with skiiers, snowboarders (shown), and even mountain bikers. Even if you’re not so much into the sports thing, you’ll be glad to know Milkshaxs takes all the typical boy themes (trains, trucks, you know…) over the edge as well. My favorite: The excavator outfit with no goofy bulldozers to be found.  -Kristen 

With any order over $50, get a free baby blanket when you mention CMP.

Congrats to winner Chastidy S!


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