If you hear the words "fair trade" thrown around but never really knew what it was, let us ‘splain: It basically means that you’re buying from people who take care of their artisans and workers by paying more than minimum wage, providing benefits, and guaranteeing good working conditions. In other words, not so much the 9 year-olds doing 80 hour weeks in sweatshops to bring you everyday low prices.

We’ve seen a whole lot of fair trade gift shops but sometimes the concept is better than the actual items they sell. Not so with Fair Indigo, a shop with a nice little assortment of baby gifts and organic blankets, plus jewelry and gifts forthe home. I checked out a pair of the soft fleecey monkey mittens and matching hat from Costa Rica, and oh my lord are they cute. Soft and fleecey, just as promised. 

So you feel good buying them, and the baby feels good wearing them. Sounds like a fair trade to me. –Liz

Congratulations to winner Janet C!


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