Like all parents, I’ve learned that indeed it’s true, kids are often happier playing with the package a gift comes in than the gift itself. Of course it doesn’t stop us from giving them more than cardboard boxes. Until now.

The cardboard playhouse is maybe my daughter’s single favorite plaything. The very sturdy (and easily assembled) recycled construction has doors, windows, and fun little peep holes galore, and the white walls are just waiting to be the canvas for your next rainy day painting project. What you give up in glitziness, you get back in imagination. Trust me, we can hardly get my girl out of it. Or keep her from inviting us in. Oh, my knees.

It’s available (at a great price) at Queen Baby Bean, a fantastic new shop that’s beautifully curated by mom Lisa, featuring gifts and gear from tons of CMP’s very favorite brands.

Some of which come in good boxes to play with too. -Liz

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