If you haven’t yet bookmarked Mommy Track’d, The working mother’s guide to managed chaos, you haaaave to do it. Besides fantastic columns from great writers and a slew of resources for working moms, I always like poking around their shop to see what’s new.

Amidst the day planners and notepads and other random doodads to help keep the disorganized mom a tad less so, we found this awesome See Mom Work mousepad. Bring it to work, or even better, keep it at home so that when someone tries to disturb you while you’re reading Cool Mom Picks…er, working on a very important spreadsheet, you can hold it up and say "SEE? MOMMMY’S WORKING."

Personally, I’d like to see this design on pedicure chairs and movie theater seats. But for now, I’ll settle for the mousepad. –Liz 

Use code CMP for 15% off all orders in the Mommytrack’d shop! 


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