Was it just me or is it every pregnant mom’s shower nightmare to get fourteen cutesie baby books that haunt you from your closet, unused,  months after your baby is born.

I’d rather request this fantastic three book combo by Loralin Design that we spotted at chic new online boutique Three Lovelies. You’ll get a nursing and feeding journal, a baby journal, and a gift log all in one neat box. Each one holds 128-pages for new moms to neatly record their special moments, track thank you notes sent, and keep on top of nursing sessions.

Okay, so it’s less likely you’ll do it neatly and more likely that you’ll messily scratch with a free hand while you pump. -Kristen 

Get 10% off anything at Three Lovelies with code "COOLMOMPICKS10" through 12/31/07.

Congratulations to winner Caryn B!