As my toddler grows old enough to express clothing preferences, I’m a little less averse to frilly tutu kind of stuff and a little more into making her happy. (Don’t make me admit it in public.) Still, it’s nice to come across a compromise that allows her to twirl like a ballerina without looking like the magic fairy of pink sparkles threw up all over her.

Hooray for Tu for Tee, a wonderful line of mom-made tops for girls, each with the teeniest little tulle skirt at the bottom. The thermal line I checked out is super soft, and there are more than 25 appliqués to choose from including a sweet animals, a birthday cake, a great looking octopus, and even a rockin’ little skull and crossbones.

They come in sizes 18 months to 6y, but you can custom order infant designs. In case you want to instill the idea of tutu compromises early. –Liz 

Congrats to lucky winner Lynn M!


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