As moms, we all know that personal hygiene isn’t what it used to be in our pre-baby days. Needless to say, regular pedicures and bi-monthly facials are a thing of the past for me. But hey, a mama needs her pampering. Darn it. And I’ve been taking matters into my own hands with Eminence Organics.

Introduced to me by aestetician to the stars, Claudia Colombo of Fabula (okay, so I admit getting a little thrill that the hands that have touched Julia Roberts and Jennifer Aniston and Ashley Judd’s skin have also touched mine), this stuff is just awesome.

It’s handmade in small batches in Hungary with organic ingredients that are literally hand-picked fresh. It’s cool to be able to smell a moisturizer and get a whiff of real berries and not some chemical made to smell like berries. Plus the company is eco-ized up the whazoo.

Personally I think the Stone Crop Moisturizer is the best I’ve ever used, and the Poppy Seed and Pear skin polish is just great for your face. I haven’t tried any of the body lotions yet but they’re on my Christmas list. In fact they make great gifts, since the packaging is pretty and it doesn’t look like some hippie whipped it up in her bathtub.

Is Eminence stuff cheap? Mmm…not so much. But it lasts me forever, and I’m still holding out hope that if I use it long enough I will look just like Ashley Judd.  –Liz

Through 12/20 save 15% on all $120+ at Fabula with code bdc658 

Congratulations to winner Laura C!


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