If there’s one lesson that I’ve learned about being a mom in 2007 it’s that I have layette options. Lots of them. Just ask baby bearers from the good old nineties about trying to find a Vivenne Westwood-style onesie or socks that didn’t have cutesie pink bows on them.

Lucky us, mothers of the ‘OOs, we’ve got head to toe alternatives for our little rockers, and taking care of the toes is Baby Socks that Rock, maker of these punkalicious socks. We found them at one of our favorite rock n’ roll baby clothes hotspots, Babesta.

Because certainly it’s a tragedy beyond belief for our little rockers to have to wait until toddlerdom to sport a pair of Docs.

It would also be a tragedy for the little guys to slip and fall while you teach them to mosh, which is why the socks also have skids on the bottom. Hey, we’re still moms right? Safety first. -Kristen

Use code CMP112 for 10% off your order at Babesta.


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