American parents tend to have this hang-up with wool. Maybe generations of itchy grandma sweaters have made us skittish about the fabric but the truth is wool, especially for babies, can be amazing if used properly.

So when we were given a first look at the new Cariboo Organic Purtec Wool Blanket, we were excited to see if it lived up to the fanfare.

Oh boy, it did. 

Cariboo, if you’re not familiar, is the New Zealand company that’s makes the stunning high-end sustainable wood baby furniture you drool over in Cookie magazine. I assure you their blankets do not disappoint. Woven from wool spun from sheep in the foothills of the New Zealand Alps that are sheared like twice a year under the full moon or something like that, they’re all-natural, anti-bacterial, naturally fire-retardant without (eek) formaldehyde or chemicals, and most importantly soft. Yes, soft. You’re just not used to feeling wool like this, and the lovely, simple colors take the blanket easily from stroller to car seat to crib.

The price? Let’s just put this in the "if you have to ask…" category. –Liz

Available at Modern Nursery. 

Congratulations to lucky winner Erinn P!


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