We’ve got our first ever two-child plane trip coming up and I’d be lying if I told you I wasn’t a little nervous. I figure if I can pack enough fun stuff to keep the two year-old entertained, maybe I can actually suck down a cocktail and relax.

On my must-pack list: The very clever First Train Sets from high-end Swedish toy company, BRIO. The cute little penguin (or dog or cat or frog or squid) may look like your ordinary plush toy, but unzip it and out comes all these miniature penguins on wheels. So it’s like two toys in one, and perfect carry-on size at that. I can even stick some crayons and a few other toys in there.

The squid and the cat  and very Swedish looking horse actually come with a track too, but for my Happy Feet-loving daughter, it’s got to be the penguin. Buy yours at Oompa Toys.

Passengers seated in front of us: If no one kicks your seat the whole flight, you’ll know who to thank. –Liz

Ed: In the two minutes between writing this and posting it, Oompa has sold out of a few of the styles. You can find the dog, horse and others at Amazon at great prices.  

Congratulations to winner Kimberly J!


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