I love that we’ve still got a good few months of hat-wearing weather in my neck of the woods, only partly because my bald baby rocks the chapeaux rather nicely without all those fussy locks to get in the way. Our latest happening haberdashery find: The awesome one-of-a-kind creations from Cozy Knits (Literally).

No really, that’s the name.

There’s a lovely selection of kids headwear that makes excellent use of hand dyed, hand spun, and recycled sweater yarn. But it’s not just the great yarns that we love, it’s the way knitter Cosette Cornelius-Bates Bates has so much fun with them, making use of interesting shapes, funky ties, tassel tops and buttons detailing that’s playful but never silly. There are adult styles too which are pretty great in themselves.

We not surprised that Cosette has a knitting book coming out this Spring.  Clearly she’s got this knitting thing down. –Liz 

[thanks, christina

Mention CMP in comments to seller and save 10% on your order, plus free shipping! 


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