I fully admit that after writing up the PortaMEe hip carrier here last year, I wanted one. I sooooo wanted one. Not because it was expensive (seriously) but because it was awesome. Say what you will about whatever front carrier you’ve got being just fine thankyouverymuch but seriously, once you’ve tried this one it’s hard to be satisfied with anything else.

Anything but the brand new limited edition Couture PortaMEe that is.

This thing is totally over-the-top. In other words, Angie? Xtina? Gwen? You mamas reading? Now get one hand on the phone, and the other on your Amex Black.

The couture model has got the same thoughtful design as its predecessor, the same accessories, the same perfectly balanced ergonomic support–only this one is made of toasty, cuddly shearling and with leather accents. If the baby pukes all over it? Heck just get another one. They’re only $700.

You still there? –Liz

Congratulations to lucky winner Kelly K!