While I love having two daughters to shop for in the wardrobe department, I absolutely love picking out nursery art for little guys. I suppose my tastes run a bit darker than the average girl’s – more demented space aliens, fewer happy ballerinas.

Needless to say, I am totally loving the original kids artwork from the Baltimore mom/pop run PrestoBingo Studio. Joyce Hesselberth and Dave Plunkert create just amazing robots and Martians. Or maybe Venutians. I never quite get that straight. If their work seems familiar, you’re probably a New Yorker subscriber or an MTV watcher. (But you can tell everyone it’s the New Yorker.)

Original robot acrylics are $250 each and going fast, although for just $35 each, I’d get a set of three giclee prints and make a little boy’s day – or a very, very cool little girl. –Liz

Code COOLMOM gets you 10% off orders of $70+ through 1/31


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