While we would hope that all of our bestest friends and relatives could fly/drive/hitchhike on over just to shower our babies-to-be with the requisite 84 receiving blankets, it doesn’t always work that way. For a better alternative than some virtual internetty-thing, you have to check J. Marie Events, and the amazing virtual showers that owner Jessica puts together.

She’ll work around any theme or concept, custom design invitations, hook guests up with a few craft activities (not cheesy ones, promise) then package everything creatively so the lucky mama gets showered over the course of a whole week. There are even godie bags for the guests, natch.

Of course she can do your standard pink and blue showers, but Jessica really thrives on creativity – recently, a rocker mama client was privvy to a whole ton of homemade music mixes from her friends, and the whole thing was packaged in a vintage LP sleeve. She even tracked down custom-printed pink guitar picks for the guests to keep.

Prices for the service start at $6 a guest plus postage, and a fee for Jessica which is way too low if you ask me. If you’ve got a friend who lives nowhere near you, or a second-time mama that could use a little love, Jessica’s your woman.

The truth is, I think this seems even more fun than some real showers I’ve been to. –Liz


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