These days, you can’t throw a virtual stone without hitting a new environmentally conscious boutique. As we can attest, not all are created equal. Note to boutique owners: Just because it’s got hemp in it doesn’t mean I want my kid wearing it.

On the other hand, Hazel Wood Children gets it absolutely, totally, 100% right.  Both eco and chic in equal parts, you can absolutely see owner Jennifer Thornton DiDonna’s design background in the carefully cultivated selection of  responsibly made baby and kids wearroom decor, fun toys, and thoughtful new mom gifts.

We especially love their shop’s exclusives, including their own line of kids clothes, Kiwi Industries, which is not only beautiful, it’s all made at a family-friendly US women’s co-op using recycled materials and organic cottons. The retro styled "Fancy Coats" with their hot pink linings will be a huge hit in even the fashionista zip codes come Spring. If only you can wait that long to take it out of the package. –Liz

Congratulations to lucky winner N.M.!


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