When I sent my older daughter off to day care, I scrawled her initials on masking tape and stuck these makeshift labels haphazardly on her bottles, thinking that ought to suffice. Oh, how wrong I was. Some of her things never made it home, and those that did were labeled by her caregivers – in black permanent marker. Right on the item. My fault I suppose.

I have learned my lesson well: Label everything yourself. Preferably with cute personalized stickers and tags like the ones from Stuck On You. They have a huge variety of cute, sort of hand-drawn looking icons to adorn the colorful labels, but what I really found interesting was that they’ve got allergy warning labels, kosher labels–all kinds of ideas that you might not have thought of.

And yes, they really do stick, thwarting the dishwasher, the washing machine, most torturous of all, busy toddler fingers.  –Julie

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