I’ve been calling my daughter Wonderbaby for, like, forever. She’s always seemed the type of child – even when she was only days old – who might just take off at any moment and leap tall buildings in a single bound. So when a dear friend sent me The Adventures Of WonderBaby From A To Z, I was pretty excited.

An alphabet book! About Wonderbaby, for Wonderbaby! 

I wasn’t sure how it was that author Oliver Chin and comic illustrator Joe Chiodo knew about my kid (did they read my blog?), but still: cool.

Each letter of the alphabet is pegged to a Wonder-character-trait and accompanied by a cool baby-cum-creature graphic: Munches like a monkey! Stinks like a skunk! Vanishes like a viper! (Note: nothing precious or twee here. It’s all wild animals, being wild. National Geographic style, if National Geographic followed babies in the wild, which they totally should.) 

I received this as a gift, but within fifteen minutes of it arriving, I got online and ordered more copies. Because Wonderbaby is going to tear through these in no time, and I need at least one to whip out at her wedding. Catherine, guest reviewer and mama of Wonderbaby.

Order the book through publisher Immedium and get it signed by the author – plus a free poster when you order two or more for a limited time.  


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