If there’s one huge difference between my son and my daughter, other than the obvious, of course, it’s that my son has a penchant for total destruction unlike anything I’ve ever seen.

And so what’s more perfect than this Robot Destroyer tee from mom-owned shop Wee Wee Wear that comes complete with warning label on the back — "I destroy everything in my way."

From the shop name you might think that they’re pawning some sort of special potty attire. But actually, they’re just kid’s clothes with a little something extra, handscreend by mom Karry Brook. Putting her background in art to really good use, Karry creates these super soft combed cotton tees that are perfect for the girl or boy destruction artist in your life.

If only the shirts came with a cleaning lady. Now there’s something I could get behind. -Kristen

Congrats to winner Jennifer B!


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