Imagine if the B-52’s, Abba, REM and Devo moved into a house with four keyboards and a giant dress-up closet. And then imagine that they sang Beatles and Queen and Carpenters songs and sometimes rapped. Dream Jam Band is like that.

One of them is related to Abraham Lincoln, one opened for The Who and sang with Bruce Springsteen, one was a Shakespearean actor, one is a music teacher, and one plays 87 instruments. So together, it’s not surprising that they make a sound that’s as eclectic as they are. Eclectic and joyful.

When you and your kids start jamming to the DJB, you’ll understand what I’m talking about. You’ll feel their exuberance. And their randomness. And for the duration of eleven songs, you’ll be completely entertained. -Laura

Congratulations to winner Becca C!

And if you’re anywhere near Philly on Feb 2, check them out live at the World Cafe Live. We can only imagine how happy you’ll be after seeing them in person.

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