Valentine’s Day is the kind of holiday that challenges progress. In other words, Snoopy is about the most cutting edge character I like on my cards. When there are so many beautiful, vintage-y, lacey tokens of the day to be found, it’s hard to succumb to something crass and commercial.

I suppose that’s why I just love the "Be Mine…" primer card from design studio Sweet Pea Ink that harkens back to simpler times. Designer Cristina Sequino’s olde time-y designs (along with her cool invitations) are charming, the cardstock is substantial, and the printing quality is excellent. Christine is definitely someone who’s spent her fair share of time coming antique stores and browsing vintage shops.

But perhaps what sealed the deal for me is that each of the shop’s V-day selections come packaged with a pair of Pixy Stix. Sweet. –Liz

Use code COOLMOM10 for 10% off any purchase at Sweet Pea Ink.  


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