If the sigOth skipped the flowers this year and came home with a permanent heart on his arm with my name in it, well I’d just be tickled. But since the bicep is already claimed by the outdated tribal armband (yeah, he regrets it) I’d be satisfied enough with the Forever Heart Tattoo card at Red Stamp cards.

If you haven’t scored just the right printed correspondence yet, the shop’s modern V-day collection runs the gamut from the sweet to the simple, from the eerily possessive to the darkly edgy. Seriously, check out the Luv You To Death card which conjures up memories of the old Angelina-Billy Bob-vial of blood around the neck days. Good times. –Liz

If you’re feeling coy, check out Red Stamp’s Secret Admirer service, in which they’ll write your message for you in male or female writing, and mail it for you. Anonymously, of course.


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