Last month, a family trip to Mexico found my daughter, hilariously, in the same Gap swimsuit as half the kids on the playa. I guess there aren’t a whole lot of shops selling swimwear these days, huh.

Baby Banz, makers of the much beloved kiddie sunglasses, is just relaunching their site today (today!) and we’re excited to be the ones to make the announcement. They have logically extended their line to include smart SPF50 swimwear and beachy accessories for the junior set. We particularly love the swim socks, which are a great shoreline alternative to the ubiquitous (ahem) rubber gardening shoes.

Baby Banz swimsuits are no teeny bikinis – think surf inspired duds with serious UV protection. And perhaps best of all, your kid won’t be mistaken for the 18 other kids on the beach in red polkadots. Harumph. –Liz

CMP readers: Use code CMS08 for 15% off your order at Baby Banz

Congrats to winners Kristine A and Scot F  


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