Socks don’t tend to be something moms get excited over. In fact, aren’t they the butt of jokes about bad gifts, along with fruitcakes and Dustbusters? But then mama-run Nix Baby came along with their awesome All-Star collection of socks, and now I’m giddy about the poor, underappreciated footwear.

These awesomely soft, cotton knee-high kids socks are a throwback to the White Shadow era, when the socks were worn high and so were the satin gym shorts. But don’t pair them with satin gym shorts. Please.

What you can do is choose from 16 yummy color combos, from bold solids and cozy heathers, to white accented with disco gold accent stripes that would make Donna Summer swoon.

To top it off, they stay on. I didn’t even know that kids’ socks were capable of such a thing. –Liz

Congrats to winners Jennifer H and Susanne B


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