Let me start by saying that the idea of "push presents" creeps me out. Hate the name, hate the notion that we’re entitled to a Birkin Bag or $5,000 tennis bracelet because we employed our uterus. (Okay, so maybe I’ve been spending too much time on NYC message boards.)

Now that said, I think that commemorating the joys of new motherhood with a little something something is absolutely awesome. Which is why I’m really taken with artist Kirstin Pinit’s Maternal Journey necklaces. The three styles of silver charms bring to life conceptual takes on motherhood, my favorite being the swirly, sensuous Belly Embrace. A mom herself, Kristin even knew to dangle them from a stretchy rubber cord that the baby won’t be able to snap in two the second he gets that Vulcan baby death grip thing going

I also like that the lightweight, one-sided pendants look far more expensive than the $79 purchase price. What a sweet way to complement those voluptuous new mama tatas. –Liz

Congrats to necklace winner Jeannine


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