We’ve been fans of Stubby Pencil Studio since we were turned onto the Portland company’s high-quality CIY for kids. That’s, um, Color It Yourself. And now we’re pleased to learn that the company has gone eco. (Of course; they’re in Portland.)

They’ve just added a whole category of green accessories, including soy crayons, colored pencils certified by forest friendly dot-orgs, and Smencils, those cotton candy and root beer scented colored pencils made totally from recycled newspapers. Plus the charming cards themselves are now all printed on recycled paper and eco-ized to the nth degree. 

If your kids’ grandparents are anything like my kids’ grandparents, they’ll never throw those cards out. Ever. And that’s good for the earth too. –Liz 

Congratulations to Amanda B who won the gift pack!


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