You know I’ve got a severe case of winter-itis when I’m caressing the lightweight cotton dresses in my daughter’s dresser, fantasizing about the first moment I can get her dressed in a single article of clothing and call it a day.

Top on my list: the lovely, flowy, wearable, yummy, unfussy a-line dresses from Kice Kice.

The label is a collaboration between the sister team of artists Lesley Nishigawara and Karen Kice. (I guess Nishigawara Nishigawara didn’t roll off the tongue as well, huh.) There’s a superb selection available at Nonchalant Mom like the cotton jersey O Dress shown here in light brown. What’s hard to discern from the photo is the subtle contrast top stitching along the hemlines, and the detailing on the hand-sewn circles. 

Babies and little girls are both in luck – pieces are sized from 3 months to 6T.

The prices aren’t bad at all considering it’s not just clothing, it’s machine washable art. Besides,if you put your daughter in it twice a week for the next six months, it’s hardly a splurge at all. –Liz

Congratulations to lucky winner Mary S!


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