When you are dealing with that unbearable first trimester nausea, you will try anything to function again – ginger pills, raw lemon, enough Saltines to mess up your blood sugar for the next seventeen years. Those acupressure wrist bands were a very effective (non-edible) solution for me – but let’s face it, not so cute.

Then two moms came along and fixed that, with their vibrant Psi Bands. They look like Swatch bands, but they’ve got nubby bits to stimulate the pressure points that relieve nausea. And seriously, they work.

Plus a dollar from each Cherry Blossom style goes towards Fertile Hope, with the aim that even more women will get to experience the joy of puking their brains out between meetings while trying to keep their pregnancy a secret from coworkers. –Liz

Find four styles (loving the stripes for Spring!) at the Babycenter store for $15.95 a pair. 

Congrats to Psi Band winners Rachel C and Jenni P!


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