Of all the things most likely to make a new parent’s head spin, I submit that it’s not the colicky baby or the first diaper blow-out that’s the hardest. That honor belongs to the selection of a car seat. 

The Kyle David Miller Foundation was founded to both educate the public on proper car seat safety, and to provide 5-point car seats to those who can’t otherwise not afford them. Make a donation, if you’re so inclined – that would be great. Or, you can simply shop for your child’s own car seat at Hip Monkey, also run by Kyle’s mom Christine.

At Hip Monkey you’ll find all of the safest high-end car seat options — Britax, Recaro, SafeGuard, Sunshine Kids — at competitive prices, plus all profits go directly to the foundation. Shop at Hip Monkey and you’ll not only be keeping your child safe, you’ll be helping to ensure that other kids stay safe too. – Mir


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