As a young girl, I was a die-hard collector of lifelike plastic horse models and gear, but the best accessory of them all was my wooden stable, lovingly handmade by my grandfather and accurate in every detail. Black Beauty was thrilled with his lavish digs.

If there’s no carpentry expert in your family, you can give your horse-crazy kid his own handcrafted stable from parent-run Streamside Farm. Each one is individually made from reclaimed cork pine wood, originally used in barns that housed (gasp!) real live horses. The barns are based upon real life spaces, so they resemble buildings you’d find in horse country and not just some boxy piece of wood with a "Stable" sign on top.

The detail is amazing: Hay lofts with ladders, spacious stalls, and hinged openings to provide easy access for junior equestrians and their four-legged friends. Sure, at $275, this is like a miniature real estate investment. But if your favorite little horse lover has a special birthday coming up, it’s a lot cheaper than a real pony. And less smelly. –Nancy

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