At Toy Fair last month, I was taken with the series of Jambo Kids adoption dolls. Founded by a mom/pop team who wanted to create a toy their adopted Chinese daughter could relate to, these doll and book sets handle cultural and racial differences in exactly the right way. As in, no big honkin’ stereotypical BS. (Maria is Mexican and likes to eat tacos and take long siestas!)

The truth is, it doesn’t matter whether your daughter (or son, sure) is adopted or not; surely she’ll love the huggable dolls and accompanying books that help her learn about about kids from places like Russia, Liberia and China. There’s even Tilly, a freckle-faced adopted US native.

What I love best is that they all actually look like real girls. Yes, real girls. As in, no overtweezed eyebrows, no nose job noses, no Jayne Mansfield figures, no hoochie-mama belly tees.  Indeed. –Liz

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Congrats to Jambo Kids doll/book set winner Alison D!


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