As my daughter prepares for preschool in the fall, am just now learning that bake sale goodies are not taken lightly there. I am going to have to get my act together if I want to compete with some of the works of frosting-topped art I’ve recently seen at PTA fundraisers.

One way to get a leg up: The clever Cupcake Courier. Finish your dazzling creations then insert up to 3 dozen of them in the plastic carrier. Rest assured that they’ll arrive safely with nary a foil imprint or telltale plastic wrap flat-top to be found. You can even take out the inserts and use the courier for regular old cakes. Buy yours online at Mrs Beasley’s Cupcakes.

Then again, there’s always store-bought cupcakes for me. Think the kids’ll know the difference? –Liz

[thanks, heather