We lost $10,000.

Or to put it another way, that $10,000 should have been ours – if only the moment of spectacular toddler hilarity captured on videotape had actually been captured on videotape. After which of course we would send it off to America’s Funniest Home Videos and claimed our rightful cash prize. What can I say, it looked like it was recording.

Thus began my affection for the Flip video camera.  

Even gadget spazzes like me can work this thing. But you don’t give up much in the process – it’s lightweight, crazy small, and bloggers especially will love how easy it is to get the footage off there. The film quality isn’t hi def good, but it is good, and unless you’re making the next Citizen Kane remake, I doubt it will bother you much. Plus it’s hard to argue with the prices: Models with 60-minute memories and fun colors run you $142 on Amazon, and the basic 30-minute model starts at $119 in both white and swanky black. Hey, I hear it’s the new black. –Liz