They claim to be a "new concept in kid’s entertainment," but in saying as much, I think Giddio has sold themselves short. Their audio adventures may indeed be new, but the concept itself is old, and I mean that in the best possible way: These are stories that hearken back to the radio program days, when the family would gather ’round to hear what their favorite characters were up to that week.

More than audio books, Giddio creates full-featured audio productions featuring Billy Brown, a gruff-sounding bear with a gentle heart. The sound effects are perfect and the voice acting is engaging. And although they’re promoted for children ages 3-7, a collective groan of disappointment went up from my (somewhat older) kids when I turned it off for the night.

Check out a free download and see if your little ones aren’t soon captivated. This could be the perfect solution to those longer car rides (each episode is between 30-45 minutes) when you just can’t handle another sing-along. Or the ideal incentive for your reluctant-to-stay-in-bed wanderer to stay put. –Mir


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