I love clothes. Have I mentioned this before? If not, you should know, I’m a lover of the clothes.

However, when it comes to clothing my favorite little punk, 99% of the time the clothing is just not fun or comfortable, and most of the options are as dorky as they are itchy. However, I have recently found one more addition to the 1% club. And this exception is exceptionally fantastic, totally well made, and kickin’ cool. In fact, designer Denise Love’s Dandy Social Club children’s clothing collection is rocking our world, right along with my assumptions about boys wear.

The Crumpet skater length pants and embellished blazer are seriously the coolest things hanging in the closet, and you don’t expect to say that about a kid’s blazer. They’re hand-tailored and created with anti-establishment (meaning cool and comfy) fabrics, excellent appliqués and covered buttons. While the blazer is an existing piece that’s embellished (thus, the name) everything else is entirely original and handmade.

And they are absolutely, surprisingly affordable.

I’ll go ahead and say that we’re counting down the minutes to dressing up in our finest for a big family celebration this weekend. My son has even been "practicing" getting ready. Because nothing says punk rock like obsessing over the right outfit. –Laura


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