First, we just wanted to thank so many of you for helping us out by answering our Federated Media survey last month. But even more, we wanted to thank you for all the amazing words of support (seriously! We cried!) and excellent comments and suggestions you left in the process.

We thought we’d spend a minute answering some of the more common suggestions. And as always, the email lines are open 24/7 and operators are standing by at if you ever have others.

Can you do more posts? It may kill us, but we’ve upped our daily posts from two to three over the last month. Anything for our beloved readers.

Can you find some less expensive items to review? In a word: Yes! We’re actively seeking out cool stuff that rings in for less, and in fact we thought it was such a great idea, that we added a regular 10 under $10 feature to our newsletter last month.

That said, our main mission at CMP is to support smaller brands and handmade items, and you always pay a premium when you’re talking products not mass-produced and assembled by 6 year-olds in Cambodia. We also think there’s something to be said for responsible consumerism, owning fewer things but really valuing the ones you do have.

Can you do some more gear reviews, like car seats and strollers? Yes! We just added a Gear Essentials category to our archives (which we’re going to make easier to search from our home page) and we’re going to start seeking out more of those registry essentials that we think are cool, notable and newsworthy.

Do you only do reviews of your sponsors?: Omigawd, no! More like the other way around – when you, our readers respond positively to one of our picks, often times the reviewee becomes a sponsor. Our love don’t cost a thing. We do have some sponsors we adore though; not because they’re sponsors but because they’re awesome.

Can you tell us what’s cool at the mall? We’ve gone back and forth on this a lot. While we may dabble a bit in the cool side of mainstream brands, we feel it’s just as easy for you to log onto Old Navy’s website and see what you like there yourself. That said, they make the BEST toddler jeans. We love ’em. Buy lots.

Can you do reviews where you tell us what you don’t like? While we understand the value of having a fellow mom say OH MY GOD DO NOT BUY THAT GOD-AWFUL BABY SWING, there are just far too many cool things out there that we’d rather focus on. Plus we’re really trying to support small businesses, and if we don’t like an item we get for review, we’d rather skip it altogether than to say snarky things about it. As tempting as that might be at times.

Of course we are all wildly opinionated around CMP. If there’s something you want a second take on, email us and we’ll tell you our honest thoughts.

Your load time is a little slow these days Argh, we know. We’re actually fixing that within the week. Trust us, if it bugs you it bugs us more. 

How come I never win any of your contests? We are saving your name for a really, really big one.
(Okay, here’s a tip – we generally get fewer entries on weekends. Enter then and increase your odds. Also, the big ticket giveaways like strollers and leather diaper bags will always get more entries than the smaller but no less awesome ones.)

Can you guys write some longer articles? More features? Interviews?  If you can find us some investors so that we can quit our day jobs…sure. Why not!


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