My place is admittedly a mess these days – toys everywhere, clothes hanging from doorknobs, feral animals roaming the halls. So I am probably not the odds-on favorite to win the new Now You See It, Now You Don’t storage solution contest put together by the wonderful folks at Ohdeeoh, Cookie Magazine, and Dwell Studio. But you can bet I’ll be looking closely at the winning entries.

Enter by April 7 with your best decluttering and organizational solutions and nine Ohdeeoh readers win $250 gift certificates for Dwell stuff. Then you move onto the finals along with all the Cookie readers for a chance to win one of three $900 gift certificates! That’s a whole lot of room decor.

Especially since people will actually be able to admire it, what with all your smarty-pants toy boxes and lah-di-dah bookshelves. Hmph.

Find all the details here. –Liz

[photo: via toy box]


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