It’s finally officially spring, and I’m ready to go outside and play. Of course, I’ll probably have to take the kids with me. Not to mention the stroller, diaper bag, sunscreen, picnic blanket, a few books, a bunch of snacks, my Sigg bottle, and a stuffed animal or two .

One item I definitely won’t forget in the process – my Shady Baby stroller parasol. Forget draping a blanket over your sleeping baby (which always makes me worry they’ll overheat), this petite umbrella made by a clever mom-pop team clamps to your stroller and adjusts to block the rays without blocking the view. Yeah, you have to keep adjusting it every time you turn a corner and the sun hits from a different angle, but it’s a great option especially for the tiniest stroller-rider who’s not yet sunscreen approved.

Right now there are just two styles – a pink polka dot and an adorable sock money pattern – with hopefully more to come. Because they’re water-repellent too. Although me, I’m saving mine for the sunny days. Here’s hoping that we’ll have plenty of those coming up. –Julie

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