If you’ve got kids, you’ve got cookies. Unless you’re one of those moms. Oh man, you’re not one of those moms, right? Phew.

With warmer weather approaching, it’s time to find storage solutions that keep those Double Stuffs and graham crackers fresh. (Plan B being just eat them faster.) But not everyone is up for a huge honkin’ jar on the kitchen counter shaped like your kid’s favorite cartoon character.

So we found these sweet little dotted cookie jars from Daisy Dog Studio. The porcelain jars from this small Manhattan studio come in all sorts of adorable dotty color combos, as do all their serving pieces. So certainly there’s one to match any decor if not the cookies themselves.

Only problem: Now you’re going to want to keep those cookies in plain sight. Have willpower, my friends. –Liz 

[via indie fixxx

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