One of the happy places for NYC moms is the chain of Cozy’s Cuts for Kids, the kind of salon that feels more Peewee’s Playhouse than barber shop. But what’s especially appealing to parents – besides the fact that your kid doesn’t mind sitting in the car-shaped chair and watching his favorite Diego tape during his cut – is the line of paraben-free kids hair products.

Kids will like the fruity scents, and you’ll like the use of herbs instead of chemicals in their shampoos, detangling products, and styling goop. They’ve even got a natural lice shampoo called Boo! which (knock wood) we haven’t had the honor of trying out ourselves. But what really appeals to me is the no-tears shampoo, and the swimmer’s products designed to tackle chlorine as swim season approaches.

You just may want to give your kid a lollipop when you’re done. –Liz

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