Try walking into your local big box store and asking for some solid colored crib sheets. The sales clerk will look at you like you just asked her for some nice razor blades wrapped in barbed wire for your baby to play with. What, no clowns? No farm animals? No avant-garde geometrics?  Which is why you shouldn’t go to your local big box store for such a thing. You should go to Jubi.

This New Zealand company run by mom Alison Hui is already known across the globe for their heaven-sent thick, soft crib-bassinet-bed sheets in refreshingly neutral solids. Now at last they’ve made the long journey to the US just for you. You will not believe how beefy and stretchy and absolutely delicious these sheets feel the second you take them out of the biodegradable PVA packaging. No waiting for the 42nd spin around the washer to "soften them up."

If you’re already set on sheets, I’m also digging the selection of crib blankets, organic layette essentials, and a super sweet toddler robe. With excellent environmental practices, including water-based bleaching and the use of allergy-free materials -all at extremely decent prices – it’s hard to resist Babu-ing up your home. –Liz

Note: Until the US Jubi site is ready, the link above takes you to the NZ shop "Babu." – Same thing. And o worries about shipping costs…all items still ship from the US.

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