I procrastinated greatly putting together my second daughter’s birth announcement, in part because I couldn’t settle on a single photo. I needed more than one to capture her personality, but I’m not crazy about cards cluttered with images.

Cool Dog Productions, however, could have nipped that in the bud with professional editor Sharon Gavini Reilly’s video birth announcements. As a pro, she’s more than capable of cropping, zooming, wiping, retouching up to 30 of your fave baby pics, and generally creating a piece that doesn’t look like you fumbled through iMovie yourself and got zany with the special effects. I’m crying at the sample video on the site, and I don’t even know the people

The prices are way better than you’d think; even less than ordering 200 printed birth announcements (198 of which end up in the trash) and you’ll get a website to share with the world and your own DVD.

Plus your nearest and dearest will be just delighted that you’re not making them weed through 657 unedited hospital pics on Shutterfly. –Liz


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