The greatest time suck of my pregnancy was, oddly, spent on crib bedding websites. Javis-Davis, easily our fave custom crib bedding company (see our rave here) has just cut down the time you’ll need to spend looking for nursery bedding. Or wait – maybe they’ve made it longer. Because they’ve just come out with a fabulous online design studio that let’s you virtually assemble fabrics from their collections to see how it will all come together. It is absolutely practical and absolutely addictive. Go! Play! Now!

I just spent an hour on there last night, and I’m not even in the market for bedding. That’s saying something.

But don’t worry perfectionists, no one expects the process to end there. They’ve got patient, talented designers standing by on the phone to send you swatches and talk you through your custom creation. Think of Javis-Davis as a doula for your bedding. –Liz 

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