Who among us hasn’t scribbled her digits on a gum wrapper at the park? I have, and ended up handing off my work business card just a few weeks ago when I met a new mom/daughter pair at the children’s museum. Do I really want my new friend to call me at the office to talk about birthday parties? Um, no.

If you’d rather pick up playdates in style, check out the mommy cards from…Mommy Cards. Just choose your favorite design from nine elegant choices – I really like Swirls for Sarah and Blue Branch. There’s even room for a title: Playground Goddess, anyone? I personally went with "Lover of parks, parties, and general frivolity."

Designer Anna Eisenberg is amazing to work with (she even changed some letter spacing for me) and in the end, you can flash your contact info with pride. It’s the perfect way to look pulled together even when you’re wearing yoga pants and a gas station tee. -Rita

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 Congrats to Mommy Cards winner, Reeva M!


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