Mother’s Day is coming, and once again you’re thinking "Wouldn’t it be nice to have a piece of mother’s jewelry?" and in the next breath, "Too bad I sort of hate mother’s jewelry."

I’ve been there. And until I received a gorgeous gold Nashelle Cherished necklace from Penelope Poet, I truly believed there was no solution for me. The picture doesn’t do the piece justice, and that’s because the hand-hammered gold bars end up with a matte, almost antique-feeling finish. From a distance it just looks like you’re just wearing a swoopy little pendant; close up you can see the custom inscriptions on the bars. From either perspective though, the piece is very delicate, subtle, and just plain pretty.

Heather Beason and her team at Nashelle Jewelry will customize yours to your specifications, even printing on both sides and adding extra characters if you ask. (They’re very accommodating.) I got mine imprinted with the dates of my kids’ birthdays and my anniversary — perfect for me.

You’ve got until Mother’s Day to figure out what’s perfect for you,  and then make your kids and your better half believe it was their idea. Just don’t forget to feign surprise when you open the box. –Mir

[Thanks Whitney!]

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