Being the quintessential product snob can be hard work (trust me, I know), especially when you have a wee one with dry skin and chapped lips. It’s difficult having to choose between Big Name Baby Products that are loaded with artificial ingredients and Natural Products that smell, uh, a little too natural if you catch my drift.

I am happy to have found mom-run Stuff For Sprouts and their all-natural skin care products. With a tagline that boasts Nothing gross. Nothing weird, the creams and lotions are made with the best ingredients and feature fun fragrances like Blueberry Muffin and Front Lawn. Sort of like Urban Decay for the preverbal crowd.

Get a gift set  and try out a bunch of their products. I’m partial to the silky smooth Lip Stuff For Crispy Kissers myself. It comes in a conveniently wide, oval-ish applicator, so with one quick swipe, you’re good to go. I mean, the baby’s good to go.

What! I keep it in the diaper bag. –Tina

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