It’s been a while since we found some handmade dolls that we’re really crushing on. After all, December isn’t the only time we need great gifts for the special girls in our lives.

A new find comes courtesy the etsy shop Little Big Pants, and its visionary, mom/designer Terra LaChance. Her original Audrey rag dolls are more Madeline than Raggedy Ann, dressed for outings like the library and the museum. Audrey’s pretty stylin’ for a rag doll with her body suits, removable skirts (no buttons = toddler friendly), red mary janes, and ocassionally a Euro neck scarf to hold the look together. She’ll even do custom if there’s something really special you want.

Soon Terra is going to sell additional skirts separately too, so that kids can fulfill their biological imperative to take them on and off incessantly. –Liz


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