With my kids’ birthdays now close enough on the horizon that I can smell the beer bill (what can I say, we have fun parties) I’ve definitely got their birthday attire on the brain. I’m partial to the cute photo-ready outfits that may or may not make it through the chocolate ice cream cake. But after the actual birthday, I know kids really love the number shirts.

One of the more original ones we’ve found – the "this many" shirt for threes and fours proclaiming your child’s age in language he can understand. They come courtesy the snarky tee shirt mavens at kimtees, also makers of the newly popular Spare me your birth story maternity tee.

I’m not sure why they don’t make the number shirts for twos – maybe a peace sign doesn’t translate? But I am relieved they don’t make them for my age. That would be a whole lotta fingers. –Liz

NB: Kim Tees has moved. Find them now at their Cafe Press shop;

Congrats to Lindsie M, who won the "Spare Me Your Birth Story" maternity tee!


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