After discovering Courtney Chu’s original recycled t-shirt dresses, I am pleasantly reminded that eco-friendly kids wear doesn’t necessarily mean expensive organic onesies.

Hooray for that!

Her sweet, definitively cool kids dresses combine sometimes old and sometimes new adult t-shirts along with the artist’s own limited edition screenprints. The result is totally one-of-a-kind dresses that your daughter (and you) are sure to love. And since Courtney is working with existing materials, you can show your find off to your eco friends with pride.

This is a site worth checking in on often; you definitely won’t want to miss when she happens to put your favorite team logo or better, favorite 70s-era tie-dye, up for grabs.  -Kristen

Happy Earth Day, Cool Moms and Dads 

Congratulations to Kelli C, winner of a $25 gift certificate to Courtney’s shop!

Tags: baby clothes

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